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Blanca was motivated to run for City Council due to her passion for city planning focused on residents, public fiscal responsibility, and an enriched educational system. Blanca is a dedicated servant and respected leader in the community and across the country.

Blanca lopez Brown for San Diego City Council 4th District

Blanca Lopez Brown

Blanca has an independent and analytical approach to problem solving. She takes the time to research each issue thoroughly, knows how to reach out to the top outside experts and receive the best advice from her circle of advisors on the major issues. Blanca is conscious about adopting best practices for ecological city planning, business improvement districts supported by innovative incubator programs to provide assistance during businesses start-up phase, sustainable neighborhoods that experience food insecurities, safe routes to school, creating highly motivating classrooms for ALL students, crime prevention and obesity intervention efforts.


DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH for: Economic Development, Educational Pathways to Career and Safe Neighborhoods.

Crime and obesity are best decreased through an investment in preventative approaches to a neighborhood’s built environment.

The pillars of the city’s economic development will be represented in the fourth district, Military, Tourism, International Trade and Manufacturing.

All residents have the right to earn fair wages and to contract.